Tuesday, June 27, 2017

MidSummer Update! I somehow missed a couple of months...

There are lots of pictures! This might take a while to load!

Dear Friends and Prayer Warriors!  

Sorry the blog has been quiet the last couple of months.  The last time I missed two months we has just had our second child.  In this case, I simply haven't made time to sit at my desk...so please forgive me.  We do want to keep you updated on all the wonderful things going on in our lives and ministry!

There are also updates, including video updates, on the Garden's Facebook page and in our Until the Nets are Full Facebook group.  Please check out those as well :)

At the end of April we wrapped the year with our homeschool coop.  We're so thankful to have these encouraging families in our lives!
Hosea FINALLY potty trained.  Me: Why are you peeing in the yard? H: Because the potty was too far and I had to go pee. At least we're out of diapers. We're still working on not peeing in the yard ;)
Lily lost another tooth, while eating spinach she had just picked from our garden!

We typically take our family vacation in early May, before the busiest days of summer.  This year, we took the kids to Disney World! They had a blast!
At "Enchanted Tales with Belle", Lily was chosen to play the role of "Beast"!

We stayed all the way through to see the light show on Cinderella's Castle and the fireworks!
The Garden of Hope had our kickoff on Mother's Day weekend.  We have 7 families growing with us this year!

Starting our garden tour.

For our Spring Planting Festival, our friends with Outside the Camp came in to feed us lunch.

Mary, Mona, and Dorothy, serving at lunch! 
We had a great turnout!
My little helpers mixing up the mud!

Hosea was helping plant veggies...

The wildflowers are starting to bloom!

And so are the sunflowers!

The flowers are bringing in pollinators, like this super cool tiny bee.
Meredith and I celebrated 10 years of marriage on May 19th with a fun dinner date!
Lily is very into giving presents, so this time she decided to give us herself. :)

I had the privilege of doing the premarital counseling and wedding ceremony for Dylan and Catherine McCoy.

The kids had lots of fun at the McCoy wedding!
Our garden is now growing!

These are some of the plots families have planted.

This is progress!
Last week our local paper, the Herald and Tribune, came out and toured the garden. They're doing an article in Wednesday's paper.  We're thankful for the positive exposure.

We've had a few construction delays because of planting time and volunteer availability, but July is going to be a productive month.

The first week in August, a group from Denton Bible will be coming to help us host a "Garden Camp, where kids from the community will learn about sustainable growing practices, biodiversity, and much more.  We covet your prayers as we prep for and promote that over the next month!

When the kids have worn her out, Eloise can sleep anywhere.
But let's be honest, she prefers the couch. :) 
Drop us a note and let us know how you're spending your summer! We love hearing from you!